“Healing & Contemplation, Transformation & Release”

Glass Artwork for Lobby & Courtyard Curtain Walls

Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital

Morris Plains, New Jersey



PRESENTED: 06/15/2005


My vision for Greystone is to bring in elements from the surrounding nature and present solutions for distinct zones within the Lobby complex. My design references Organic elements from the indigenous flora and Geometric forms inherent in the architecture.

THE FRONT LOBBY WINDOWS - themes of Healing & Contemplation

        Front Wall will feature a large painted image of a waterfall. Greystone site was originally selected because of its water quality.

        Lower panels of kiln-formed glass, transforms the “Greystone” into a material that transmits light to the community. Placement of these panels echoes the foundation on building exterior and door surround.

        Waiting areas identified by benches and chairs become opportunities for contemplation. Indigenous wildflowers are shown growing out from rock cracks.

        Second floor Library windows support imagery of the oak forest found on the surrounding hills. This motif is etched onto the glass. The opportunity exists to have the art glass filter the light in this space and eliminate the need for additional window treatments.

        Opaque steles reference the columns in the room. These will catch the light at night and become beacons attracting the viewer to the entryway. They present strong vertical elements lifting the viewer’s gaze upwards and out to the surrounding sky and landscape.

THE COURTYARD WINDOW – theme of Transformation & Release

        This window wall is viewed from multiple approaches. Initially the viewer will see the design in fragments and later it will reveal itself.

        Ground floor mostly devoid of color. The “transformed Greystone” repeats to create a foundation on which the design rests.

        Colorful image of a rainbow colored butterfly emerging from its chrysalis is placed at eye level.

        A column of bound branches contains trapped seeds in a vertical form that echoes the architectural column.

        Once freed the seeds begin a journey, carried aloft on delicate umbrella-like forms. Each precious seed is a faceted bevel.

        A large brushstroke is generously painted horizontally in the viewers’ frame of vision from the upper level bridge. Its rainbow coloration expresses creativity. The color is transparent but the glass is lightly backed with hand-painted acid frosting to add depth.


The use of transparent and opaque enamel as well as the surface carving and frosting will enable these panels to transform with the changing light.



Sheets of plate glass kiln-formed by slumping over a prepared, carved refractory material. The opacity of the glass will be modulated also with sand carving. Experimentation time in the studio will lead to the production of samples, which the artist will submit to demonstrate appropriateness of technique regarding safety concerns. It is not anticipated that the kiln formed glass will have any sharp edges. The completed panels will be tempered by heat-treating.


The panels will be created from 6mm float-glass. The colors will be and hand painted with glass based enamels. Transparent and opaque enamels will be used in accordance with the Artist’s prepared renderings. These pigments are permanently bonded to the glass surface by firing in a kiln to 625 degrees C. The color is created from metallic oxides and glass frit and is not susceptible to fading or damage by exposure to UV light. Details of falling water will be carved by sand-blasting. The panels will be tempered by heat-treating. A scattering of beveled glass pieces will be laminated to the glass surface to provide additional interest.


Oak forest motif will be sand blasted in alternating bands onto 6mm float-glass panels. The Artist will experiment and submit samples to develop the appropriate technique to modulate the South light in this room with the goal of eliminating the need for additional window treatments.


A rainbow-tinted brushstroke will be painted onto 6mm float glass panels. Pigments will be as described above. The back surface of the contour of the stroke will be lightly acid frosted in a random pattern.


The butterfly will be hand painted. The surrounding elements will be sandblasted onto the glass surface. 6mm float glass panels will be used. All glass to be heat-toughened.


The glass panels will be heat toughened making them 6 to 10 times stronger than conventional plated glass. The panels below 8’ will be laminated with a safety interlayer. In the event that a panel should break – this will prevent the panel from collapsing.