Hoaf Speedburn II / Kiln setup
Hoaf Kilns are amazing machines. They are exceptionally fast and even heating. Firing 1/8" glass to 1250 F takes about 6 minutes. I use a Speedburn II in my workshops and can rely on having the glass out of the kiln in under an hour. I hope this information will be helpful for those setting up and firing a Hoaf Kiln. The HOAF website is www.hoaf.nl

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kiln001 kiln002 kiln003 kiln004 kiln005
closed open specs regulator hose
kiln006 kiln007 kiln008 kiln009 kiln010
anatomy pyrometer holes probe1 probe2
kiln011 kiln012 kiln013 kiln014 kiln015
lighting1 lighting2 lighting3 lighting4 lighting5